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1. May participate in the ESPANTOMANIA FESTIVAL directors, producers and / or distributors for professional and non-professionals.

2. Enrollment in ESPANTOMANIA constitutes acceptance of the film sent by the participant, if selected by the jury, will be displayed in the programming team at the discretion of the show.

3. The films selected for the show may have ESPANTOMANIA excerpts at the discretion of the organization, used to publicize the event in the media, and graphic material on the website

4. The entry must give assurances that it is the holder of all rights, or must the proxy holder.

5. The organization is not responsible for any legal averse as they relate to films entered.

6. The directors, producers and distributors who sign up on the ESPANTOMANIA FESTIVAL be responsible for all licenses, permits, rights and permits are required for the submitted film can be displayed.


1. Registration for the ESPANTOMANIA FESTIVAL should be made and sent by the date marked by the production team (30 June 2012). Materials arriving after the date described will be archived for future events.

2. To subscribe to the movie, the applicant must fill out the registration form found on the site - or blog Festival with the following materials:

2.a. a copy of the DVD movie. The album and the album cover should contain the title of the film, contact name and e-mail. Please do not send original or irreplaceable records, because the DVD sent registration will not be returned. Check if your DVD contains no scratches or fingerprints.

2.b. press release and bio-filmography of the director. If possible send promotional materials such as photos, poster, trailer, etc. or information about the film along with your subscription.

2.c. Directors, Producers and / or distributors can register numerous films, only provided that each application has their materials properly informed.

3. All entries will be accepted by mail sent in the form SEDEX or similar delivery setting forth the address of the envelope the following data:


A / C: Iam Godoy - Rua Manoel da Costa Duarte, No. 10, Eliana, São Paulo / SP - CEP: 04851-204 - Brazil.

4. All costs and shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the sender. For international submissions must be clearly printed on the package the following sentence: "FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY - WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE". The ESPANTOMANIA FESTIVAL can not accept customs charges, please choose your carrier with that in mind. Every care will be taken to protect the copies, but the production of the show does not assume responsibility for discs submitted for consideration.

5. Entries are free.

6. The display shows the competitive ESPANTOMANIA splits into two:

6. a - Competitive Exhibition of short films horror / fantastic.

6. b - Competitive Exhibition of medium and feature-length horror / fantastic.

* Shorts are films produced lasting up to 20 minutes, captured in the following formats (HD, MiniDV, Digital Beta).

* Medium-length films are lasting up to 40 minutes, captured in the following formats (HD, MiniDV, Digital Beta).

* Feature films are films with a duration of more than 90 minutes, captured in the following formats (HD, MiniDV, Digital Beta).

7. The films sent to the competitive sessions of short films will be accepted only if the theme is fantastic (horror, science fiction, thriller or fantasy), and may be fiction films, animation or even documentary.

8. By enrolling the participant starts to accept all the rules of ESPANTOMANIA: 3° MOSTRA DE CURTAS DE HORROR/FANTÁSTICO DE SÃO PAULO.

9. The short film can be entered for both the competitive display of short as long as it meets the specifications of both.


1. The organization will create a jury that will select the short films that will integrate the show ESPANTOMANIA: 3° MOSTRA DE CURTAS DE HORROR/FANTÁSTICO DE SÃO PAULO.

2. The jury will use criteria such as technical and artistic qualities for selection of movies.

3. Those selected will be notified by phone or by mail to arrange for any additional documentation if necessary.

4. The following documentation must be sent as soon as possible:
4.a. Promotional material such as photos, posters, press-books, etc.., So that the film can be promoted. The Show reserves the right not to return these materials. The acceptance of participation implies permission to use the names of directors and promotional materials for advertising and promotion without additional compensation for promotional purposes.

4.b. All copies will be reviewed before and after views. Please write clearly and legibly on the label: the film's title, the display format, the format of the screen (screening ratio), the sound format and your contact information. For international shipping, the package must contain the following words: "FOR TEMPORARY, CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY - WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE". ESPANTOMANIA: 3° MOSTRA DE CURTAS DE HORROR/FANTÁSTICO DE SÃO PAULO can not accept customs charges.

4.c. For foreign language films the participant must send to the festival the dialogue list with timecode in English, Spanish or Portuguese. In the case of films in Portuguese, if available, ask for a copy with English subtitles.

5. An organization decides the dates, locations and showtimes of films selected. No film selected will display repeated during the show.

7. The jury's decisions are final.

8. The selected films will participate in special sessions and retrospectives concerning other festivals or programs for dissemination of


1. The jury in this show will pick the winners of the following prizes:

Best short horror
Best short fiction and sci-fi
Best short fantasy
Best Direction
Best Screenplay
Best soundtrack
Best effect
Best creature
Best makeup
Best short animation
Best feature film

Honorable Mention Junior
* Best webserie.
* Improved animation section for children / youth.

Senior Honors
* Competitive Exhibition.
* Displays Parallel.


The board "Horresco Referens" has no commercial value and serves only to give the winners of the document shows a merit in spreading the horror genre in all its facets be it film, music, theater, illustrative and / or social.

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